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We're Elytra, a team of people who like to make cool mods.


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Center-of-the-Multiverse 0 Updated 1 week ago

You've found yourself in a very, very strange place. A modpack by AnsuzThurisaz and Falkreon

ArchitectureCraft 10 Updated 1 month ago

Distinguished architectural features for your Minecraft buildings. Maintained by darkevilmac.

BTFU 8 Updated 3 months ago

A minecraft server backup mod that makes proper use of existing tools. Maintained by capitalthree.

Site 0 Updated 4 months ago

The Elytra website. Maintained by unascribed.

Opaline 2 Updated 5 months ago

Turn enchantments into fluids and back again! Developed by Boundarybreaker.

tp-plus 1 Updated 5 months ago

interdimensional teleportation

SpawnerDurability 0 Updated 5 months ago

Gives spawners durability. Maintained by capitalthree.

Paintbrush 1 Updated 5 months ago

some kinda cosmetic mod

ProbeDataProvider 4 Updated 5 months ago

Capability which allows blocks to tell data consumers about themselves. Maintained by Falkreon.

BlockRenderer 10 Updated 5 months ago

A mod to render blocks and items. Useful for wikis. Maintained by TheCodedOne.

Skeleton 4 Updated 5 months ago

A generic Gradle buildfile and a fairly sane project structure to make getting started easier. Looking for a new maintainer.

Mirage 22 Updated 5 months ago

Neat rendering tricks with an API. Based on Albedo by Elucent. Maintained by unascribed and Falkreon.

Mini 3 Updated 5 months ago

A small library to make coremods less painful, inspired by Mixin and MalisisCore. Looking for a new maintainer.

Wings 1 Updated 5 months ago

Elytra but better. Boosters, afterburners, unlocked pitch, and some roll to boot. In progress. Developed by unascribed.

HellsKitchen 0 Updated 6 months ago

Nether-based food-adjacent mod. Maintained by b0undarybreaker and deli73.

BetterBoilers 1 Updated 7 months ago

Interesting and fun steam power for Minecraft. Developed by Boundarybreaker

MovingWorld 18 Updated 9 months ago

A library for minecraft mods that want moving player made structures. Powered by false promises. Maintained by darkevilmac.


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