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How it all began

In November 2022 I've created the Emacs.ch Mastodon instance. My goal was, to make it a small and friendly place for Emacs, Lisp and FOSS enthusiasts. One month later we now have over 500 active users creating amazing content every day.

While I did not plan to ask for donations, many reached out to me asking how they can help to make sure @emacs.ch will be healthy and sustainable for the foreseeable future. That is the reason, why I have created this Liberapay page to enable donations which will cover costs for the server hosting and domain costs.

How much should I give?

No matter if you give by contributing with your posts, 1$ one-time or a small regular donation, I'll be very grateful for your appreciation! If you are not in the mood to give anything and just be part of the team, that is also fine!

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