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Hi, I run a small server hosted by OVH Cloud. I self-host some of famous open source projects like invidious and other front-ends to improve users' privacy and to help the community. After the recent bump in dollar (thanks to our amazing economy) now I need to pay almost the double price using our local currency to match the same amount of dollars needed to run the server monthly. So your donation is much appreciated. I'm not asking you to donate to me personally, All I ask is to cover almost or all of the server monthly fees. Which is: $25.29/month.

For other ways to donate: https://donate.esmailelbob.xyz/

You can access the list of self-hosted instances and status page from: https://status.esmailelbob.xyz. And to contact me, hit me up on mastodon, email me or send me hi on XMPP.

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