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I spend my time programming for a broad range of open-source projects. My first big project was in 2014 at the alliedmodders forum, maintaining and developing further the galileo mapchooser and addons zz's multimod plugins for Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Sven Co-op, and others.

Later on (2016-today), after helping in the Sublime Text forum, I started creating an integrated toolset environment, aiming to be a development environment to work with any programming language. This ITE is what use today to program in any language like C++, Python, Typescript, Java, HTML, CSS, etc.

In 2020, I also started contributing to the anki flashcards software with some pull-requests and helping on its support forum.

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dotfiles 3 Updated this week

My linux configurations (or Dotfiles) used on Mint XFCE 19.1, Ubuntu and Cygwin

batch_scripts 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

Contains some useful script utilities I use somewhere

StudioChannel 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

Sublime Text Studio channel for for Package Control

ITE 31 Updated 3 weeks ago

An Integrated Toolset Environment over the Sublime Text editor aiming to develop on any programming language.

AmxxChannel 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

Sublime Text Amxx channel for for Package Control

debugtools 2 Updated 3 weeks ago

Alternate simplified logging support and general utilities functions, see its API at: https://evandrocoan.github.io/debugtools/html/annotated.html

channelmanager 3 Updated 3 weeks ago

Manages packages installed as git submodules

ViewSettingsFreely 1 Updated 1 month ago

Put Sublime Text on Free Distraction Mode when editing Sublime Text settings

User 1 Updated 1 month ago

My Sublime Text Setting's User folder

ToggleSettingsInBatch 2 Updated 1 month ago

Allow you to create your own keybindings which change view, window or global settings

SQLKeywordUppercase 1 Updated 1 month ago

Automatically set all SQL keywords to upper case after the space keystroke

SkipCloseForClonedViews 1 Updated 1 month ago

Skip save (ask) when closing a cloned view

SelectAllSpellingErrors 1 Updated 1 month ago

Select All Spelling Errors Command for Sublime Text

RichPlainText 1 Updated 1 month ago

A basic and on initial development syntax and tmPreferences for Sublime Text

RememberCommandPaletteInput 6 Updated 1 month ago

Some fixes for the Sublime Text command palette

QuickSettings 3 Updated 1 month ago

Forked from the Bitbuket mercurial repository, this allows you to browse and edit sublime preferences/settings, without writing JSON files.

OverrideUnpackedPackages 1 Updated 1 month ago

Allow to override Sublime Text unpacked packages files when they update

OverrideEditSettingsDefaultContents 1 Updated 1 month ago

Disables the default text provided by edit_settings to allow the window to be closed without the save prompt

OverrideCommitCompletion 1 Updated 1 month ago

Overrides the remaining word when the cursor is in the middle and the completion is performed

OpenAutoCompletion 2 Updated 1 month ago

It open the auto completion when typing inside a word on Sublime Text


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