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I'm a 32 yo. software engineer from Israel. I created DockerServer - Super lightweight & simple RESTFul stateless server for running docker containers on a remote machine(s) in a secure way.

Available on: 1. Github (as an open source project) - https://github.com/freaker2k7/dockerserver

  1. NPM (as an NPM package) - https://www.npmjs.com/package/docker-server

  2. DockerHub (as an image ready to run) - https://hub.docker.com/r/evgy/dockerserver

  3. Web - https://dockerserver.io

I'd love to maintain, evolve and support DockerServer and develop similarly useful open source projects.

Thanks in advance!

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dockerserver 41 Updated 1 year ago

Super lightweight & simple RESTFul distributed server for running docker containers on a remote machine(s).

ui-data-driven-tests 21 Updated 2 years ago

This is the (official) documentation for QA DDT

translingual 23 Updated 3 years ago

Multilingual transliteration - phonetic translation using transcription.

doorzz-real-estate 2 Updated 3 years ago

Doorzz.com Wordpress plugin


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