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🐍 Python / 🦄 Django developer

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I love Open Source, I published and actively maintain many 🐍 Python and 🦄 Django 📦 packages.

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django-treenode 494 Updated this week

:deciduous_tree: probably the best abstract model/admin for your tree based stuff.

django-maintenance-mode 402 Updated this week

:construction: :hammer_and_wrench: shows a 503 error page when maintenance-mode is on.

python-fsutil 156 Updated 1 week ago

:computer: :wrench: high-level file-system operations for lazy devs.

python-fontbro 44 Updated 1 week ago

:billed_cap: friendly font operations on top of fontTools.

python-benedict 1154 Updated 1 week ago

:blue_book: dict subclass with keylist/keypath support, built-in I/O operations (base64, csv, ini, json, pickle, plist, query-string, toml, xls, xml, yaml), s3 support and many utilities.

python-codicefiscale 64 Updated 1 week ago

:it: :credit_card: italian fiscal codes encoding, decoding and validation - codifica, decodifica e validazione del Codice Fiscale italiano.

django-redirects 58 Updated 1 week ago

:arrow_right_hook: :white_check_mark: redirects as they should be, with full control.

django-admin-interface 1510 Updated 1 week ago

:superhero: :zap: django's default admin interface with superpowers - customizable themes, popup windows replaced by modals and many other features.

django-freeze 87 Updated 1 week ago

:ice_cube: convert your dynamic django site to a static one with one line of code.

django-extra-settings 388 Updated 1 week ago

:gear: config and manage typed extra settings using just the django admin.

django-colorfield 516 Updated 1 week ago

:art: color field for django models with a nice color-picker in the admin.

utils.js 19 Updated 2 weeks ago

:construction_worker: :wrench: zero dependencies vanilla JavaScript utils.

create-matrix-action 9 Updated 2 weeks ago

:test_tube: :boom: GitHub action that creates a non-square matrix parsing a readable config.

FCIPAddressGeocoder 114 Updated 10 months ago

:iphone: :earth_africa: iOS geocoder for geocode device IP Address location using GeoIP service(s) and a block-based syntax.

FCCurrentLocationGeocoder 262 Updated 10 months ago

:iphone: :round_pushpin: iOS geocoder for forward / reverse geocode user's current location using a block-based syntax.

FCFileManager 899 Updated 10 months ago

:iphone: :open_file_folder: iOS file manager on top of NSFileManager for simplifying files management.

FCUUID 1567 Updated 10 months ago

:iphone: :id: iOS UUID / Universally Unique Identifiers library as alternative to UDID and identifierForVendor.


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