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I maintain a Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup game server at https://crawl.kelbi.org, which takes some maintenance work and a monthly bill from my hosting provider. I am accepting donations here to help share the financial burden. The server is not run for profit: all donations go toward paying the hosting provider.

Liberapay helps me budget because I know in advance how much I'll have to pay out of pocket. It also saves YOU money on transaction fees. For these reasons, Liberapay is the preferred way to donate.

Donations made on Liberapay are anonymous when Paypal is not used. Thank you for being a supporter!

How to donate on Liberapay

  • First choose a rate (for example, $1/month.)
  • Then enter the amount you want to pay today (for example, $10.)
  • If you choose $1/month and pay $10 today, your donation will be used to help cover the costs of the server for the next ten months.
  • You will receive an email asking you to renew when your contribution has been used completely (for example, at the end of the ten months.) You will never be automatically charged for renewal.

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