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Hi! I'm fluffy. I make a lot of different things, and I hope I can make something for you too.

What I do

Indieweb software


My biggest project these days is Publ, a web publication framework that is designed to make it easy to manage and publish your own content online in whatever way suits the content best. It's what runs my website and I'm trying to develop features that will make it much more useful for people who want to get off of the social media silos, such as the ability to have private/friends-only entries, with incredibly flexible rules that you control!


Related to Publ is Pushl, a tool for sending push notifications for content updates to the IndieWeb. This works easily with anything that produces an RSS or Atom feed, and doesn't require any notification state to live within the publishing framework.

Other stuff

I help out on Feed on Feeds, a lightweight RSS reader that's easy to self-host.


I like to make games, mostly on a pay-what-you-want basis, and most of them are open-source as well. I like exploring various gameplay and interaction concepts, when I have the time to anyway.


I also make music, primarily electronic/synthpop stuff but I enjoy working in many different genres. I especially like making music for other peoples' games!


If the above weren't enough I also sometimes make comics, usually a combination of science fiction and journal comics, but I also like experimenting with other things too.

Why I'm here

While I have a day job (currently, working at a non-profit HIV research lab), I really like being able to spend time on more personal pursuits. I could get a job at a Big Tech Firm – in fact that's where I've spent most of my career – but it's tiresome and not very fulfilling, and makes me feel sick to my stomach. I'd much rather work on things that I actually care about.

I also work very hard on these things despite having a chronic pain disability which sometimes makes it difficult to work at all; I would love to be able to build up a safety net so that I don't have to worry about where the money comes from when I simply can't work. And of course if I could make this my full-time job and actually get paid for it, that would be amazing!

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flrig Stars 0 Updated 2 months ago

The Flickr Random Image Generatr

Refactor-Game Stars 0 Updated 1 year ago

The game for which the album Refactor is the subjunctive OST

php-urljoin Stars 14 Updated 4 years ago

A library function for joining a base URL and a target URL into a an absolute URL

Reminder-Me Stars 1 Updated 5 years ago

A simple Python web service to generate RSS feeds for recurring reminders

colorful-critter Stars 1 Updated 5 years ago

An interactive coloring book game done for Strawberry Jam

whatwesaidwillbe Stars 0 Updated 9 years ago

Feed-on-Feeds (fork) Stars 20 Updated 1 year ago

RSS feed aggregator


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