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Hi, my name is Børge and I'm an activist of many trades from Norway. I focus a lot on Free and Open Source software and culture (Creative Commons), but also on social justice, climate/environment and other green issues both in the Norwegian Green Party and outside of it. I have a passion for making the world a better place with my skills and time, which means I do a lot of things that doesn't bring in any cash. So I'm asking you, if you have more money and less time on your hands than me, and you like what I do, if you might want to support me with a few coins each month :)

Let me present some of what I do:

My biggest English language project right now is the Cory Doctorow Wiki. Cory is a science fiction author and digital rights activist. He is amazing at explaining one of the most important and under appreciated issues of the day, how software and laws about software and copyright are the building blocks that create the world we live in, and how they can be used for good or ill on all the most important parts of society.

He explains these topics in a way that most people can understand them, and really shows you the devestating effects these issues can have in the future, and for some people already has had. He does this in interview and talks with descriptive names such as "How to break the Internet, destroy democracy and enslave the human race (or not)" and "My talk on the Internet of Things, wealth disparity, surveillance, evidence-based policy and the future of the world".

The only problem: These talks are talks. That is: They are audio/video, not text. This makes them inaccessible to deaf people, impossible to search trough or for and hard to quote. I want to change this. I think it's very important that these facts and ideas are spread as far and wide as possible, and that when people Google things like DRM or IoT security that they see these talks. That will not happen if they are not available as text.

That's why I started the Cory Doctorow Wiki. There I transcribe the interviews and talks of Cory Doctorow, so they will be accessible to more people, and hopefully spread more around. It's a wiki because I want to have more people involved in transcribing, fixing typos, adding links, highlighting good quotes, adding sub-headings, etc. Maybe even translating? I've created a page on the wiki explaining in detail how anyone can become involved.

But so far very few has helped out. It takes me about 30 minutes to transcribe 5-10 minutes of a talk (Cory talks very fast, so I have to slow it down). This includes some checking of the spelling of names and adding links to explain the laws and other not commonly known things he references, but does not include creating the page and all other housekeeping that goes along with each transcript.

So I need to find the time to do it, and getting money to help me focus on this work would help me a lot.

Other things I do to help out:

  • I help with bug reports and feature requests on Free/Open source software, on GitHub and other places. And I do of course promote FOSS everywhere, all the time.

  • I've been promoting and talking about the importance of federation of social media for a long time. I got many people, and the public library of Bergen, to use Identi.ca, back in the day, and my first blog post about federation, way back in 2011, got some attention on Reddit, Hacker News, etc. It's also gone the rounds on Mastodon more recently.

  • Seeing as I love Linux and charity, and hate DRM, I've purchased a lot of Humble Bundle games trough the years. And seeing as I get annoyed when things doesn't just work as it should, I spent months and months testing 100 DRM free Linux games bought trough Humble. This got some attention on Reddit and Hacker News, and even some articles around the world, including on OMG Ubuntu.

  • I try to do my part for the FOSS community over on Reddit too. Here I also spread green news in Norwegian subreddits, and I have my own subreddit dedicated to showing how the world is warming, with new heat records month after month, year after year.

  • I've been doing some mapping on the OpenStreetMap, fixed some stuff on Wikipedia, etc. But mostly I concentrate on spreading awareness about these great projects, getting more people to use them.

  • I do all kinds of other small things, like how I bought a domain to give easy access to a Norwegian mapping tool for bicyclists (before it was hard to find and only available as a small square on some other page. I made it full screen), created a website to showcase all the places in the Bible where it demands that we take care of the poor and the immigrants (this was in response to the Norwegian minister for immigration, who is very Christian, criticizing the church for saying we should help immigrants without cutting the aid budget), have an English language podcast to share the best talks and interviews on the web with more people, and much more.

  • In the long run I wish to start an organization for those who care more about good deeds than which religious creed is correct, much like the Ethical Societies in the US.

If you think any of this is worth supporting, any amount you can spare will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

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