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Funkwhale aims to provide a convivial, self-hostable and completely free (as in free beer and free speech) alternative to closed and centralized platforms such as Itunes, Spotify or Deezer. The project is heavily inspired by Grooveshark, a now defunct streaming service with a lot of social-related features.

By installing or joining an existing funkwhale instance, you can take back the control on you rmusic library, discover new artists, connect with other people and simply enjoy your music the way you want.

Funkwhale started as a personal projet in 2015, and we think it's time to move it to the next level, by including more people in the developpment process. Donations could also help us dedicate more time to the project, as everything is currently done on our spare time.

We don't have any fixed funding goals yet, and you can help us in many ways, even if you can contribute financially.

If you have any question, please join us on our Matrix channel, We welcome ideas, bug reports, "thank you!" and discussion :)

The official website is available at


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