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Thank you for stopping by! We are GamingOnLinux, what we commonly refer to a "GOL"! It's a completely independent gaming website, dedicated to Linux gaming. We find the news and chase down developers, so you don't have to! We write new articles almost every day for you to keep up with everything around Linux/SteamOS gaming.

​In the past, you might have picked up a monthly gaming magazine, by pledging to us you could consider it like that, except you're also getting everything else we do as well.

Articles not your thing? We also livestream on Twitch and put videos on YouTube.

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On top of that, we also run a few Game Servers.

The code that runs GOL is open source under the MIT license:, we chose that license so that anyone can tinker with it re-use it and generally do whatever they like without any licensing hassles. It's really only meant for GOL though, but hey if an issue bugs you, why not help out ;)

On top of that we also run the Linux Stuff subreddit!

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