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Hi! My name is Timur Gafarov, I'm an indie game developer from Russia. I'm creating a number of Open Source projects in D language.

dlib - all-in-one general-purpose library, a game developer's swiss army knife. It features game-oriented linear algebra, image processing and IO, audio processing and IO, containers, memory allocators, cross-platform threads and sockets, filesystem abstraction, XML parser, and much more

Dagon - 3D game engine based on OpenGL 4.0 and SDL2, featuring modern deferred renderer with HDR, PBR, post-processing, Blender exporter, real-time asset reloading

dmech - 3D physics engine that implements real-time rigid body dynamics. It supports all common convex shapes (sphere, box, cylinder, cone, ellipsoid), static triangle meshes, basic body constraints (distance, angular, slider, ball-socket, prismatic, hinge), and has ray cast support

Atrium - a first-person game with physics based puzzles that uses dlib and dmech. Once Dagon is ready, Atrium will be ported to it.

That's is not all! Please, visit my GitHub profile to see all the stuff.

I'm creating these in my spare time, so the more support I get, the more time and effort I can spend. I believe that D is an excellent language for game development, and the only barrier that hinders its adoption is the lack of high-quality libraries and frameworks. Let's change this together - help me develop the best game engine for the benefit of entire D community!

All of my projects are licensed under the liberal Boost License that allows you to use their code in closed-source commercial products.

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dlib 177 Updated 1 week ago

Math, allocators, I/O streams, image and audio processing for D

dmech 65 Updated 2 weeks ago

3D physics engine for D

dagon 142 Updated 2 weeks ago

3D game engine for D

dagon-demo 15 Updated 8 months ago

Test app for Dagon game framework

atrium 101 Updated 1 year ago

FPS with physics based puzzles

box 8 Updated 4 years ago

Simple archive format with UTF-8 filenames



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