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I'm a developer and run a selection of privacy-respecting and open source frontends (websites) to popular sites, such as YouTube, Twitter, etc. These are actively maintained across (at the time of writing) 3 servers, with 15 services available. You can see a list available on my website.

If you choose to support me, all funds will go directly into server costs. If there's an overflow (which is unlikely with how pricey it can be), it'll go into the next month's costs. Absolutely none of the funds will go for personal use or for other cases. If there is a change in the future, it'll be listed clearly, on here and on my blog.

For convenience's sake, here's a breakdown of the current server costs:

  • NYC1 - €90/mo ($97.08/mo)
  • CAL1 - $20/mo
  • PAR1 - $15.91/mo

The reason why NYC1 is so expensive is because it's a full dedicated server with unlimited bandwidth and an IPV6 range, which is unfortunately pricey.

It should be noted that these donations are not and will never be required to keep the servers running. Any deficit will be paid out of pocket.

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