A simple and lightweight Linux® distribution based on musl libc and toybox

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A simple and lightweight Linux® distribution based on musl libc and toybox


  • Simple: Written in Nim and POSIX shell script
  • Lightweight: Based on musl libc and toybox
  • Pragmatic: Does not sacrifice convenience
  • Unobtrusive: Does not get in your way


  • bc-gh is the default bc implementation
  • booster is the default initramfs generator
  • byacc is the default yacc implementation
  • flex is the default lex implementation
  • gettext-tiny is the default gettext implementation
  • iproute2 and iputils are the default networking utilities
  • lbzip2 is the default bzip2 implementation
  • less is the default terminal pager
  • libarchive is the default archive and compression library
  • libedit is the default command line editor library
  • libressl is the default TLS library
  • libudev-zero is the default libudev implementation
  • mandoc is the default manual pages reader
  • mawk is the default awk implementation
  • mdevd is the default udevd implementation
  • muon is the default meson implementation
  • musl is the default C standard library
  • netbsd-curses is the default curses library
  • nsss is the default NSS implementation
  • opendoas is the default privilege escalation tool
  • pigz is the default gzip implementation
  • pkgconf is the default pkg-config implementation
  • plocate is the default locate implementation
  • plzip is the default lzip implementation
  • s6 is the default init system
  • s6-rc is the default service manager
  • samurai is the default ninja implementation
  • slibtool is the default libtool implementation
  • sway is the default Wayland compositor
  • toybox is the default unix user space
  • ugrep is the default grep implementation
  • utmps is the default utmpx implementation
  • vim is the default text editor
  • wayland is the default display server protocol
  • yash is the default unix shell
  • zlib-ng is the default zlib implementation
  • zstd is the default compression algorithm


  • Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR)
  • Binding Policy NOW (BIND_NOW)
  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP)
  • Executable-Space Protection (ESP)
  • eXecute Disable (XD)
  • No eXecute (NX)
  • Position Independent Code (PIC)
  • Position Independent Executables (PIE)
  • RELocation Read-Only (RELRO)
  • Stack Clash Protection (SCP)
  • Stack Smashing Protection (SSP)


Kindly refer to the Releases page.


Kindly refer to the screenshots repository to see glaucus in action.


Kindly refer to the Wiki for more information regarding glaucus.


Kindly refer to artwork repository for glaucus related artwork.


As glaucus matures, it is only natural for more voyagers to join the project:


Firas Khalil Khana (firasuke) <[firasuke@glaucuslinux.org](mailto:firasuke@glaucuslinux.org)>


glaucus is licensed under the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) license.


glaucus drew inspiration from many awesome projects.


This project is dedicated to my lovely family.


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