Gregor Santner

Software developer, very active in open source community, mostly Android apps & F-Droid

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Austrian software engineer, sysadmin, photographer and student.
I'm working on a lot on open source projects, especially on Android apps.

My current main projects are:
* Markor
* MemeTastic
* dandelion*

More Projects:

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memetastic 118 Updated 1 week ago

Meme Creator for Android - Simple & Ad-Free

markor 373 Updated 1 week ago

Text editor - Notes & ToDo (for Android). Supporting Markdown and todo.txt

opoc 1 Updated 7 months ago

Snippets & Code fragments fitting (mostly) into one file

kimai-android 20 Updated 8 months ago

Android app for Kimai TimeTracking Software

cherrymusic-android 20 Updated 1 year ago

Android wrapper for CherryMusic

XPrivacyAppInfo 5 Updated 2 years ago

Xposed mod to access XPrivacy from App Settings of any app

Data (fork) 0 Updated 2 months ago

Data for the main F-Droid repository at




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