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I'm a software engineer working in Japan. My representative works are Whalebird and Fedistar. Both of them are Fediverse client application for desktop.

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megalodon 173 Updated this week

Fediverse API client library for node.js and browser

whalebird-desktop 829 Updated this week

An Electron based Mastodon, Pleroma, and Misskey client for Windows, Mac, and Linux

fedistar 62 Updated this week

Multi-column Mastodon, Pleroma, and Friendica client for desktop

kube-job 54 Updated this week

Run one off job on kubernetes from the command line tool

aws-global-accelerator-controller 10 Updated this week

A Kubernetes controller for Global Accelerators and Route53

ecs-task 26 Updated this week

Run a task on Amazon ECS and stream the output to stdout

electron-mock-ipc 22 Updated 1 week ago

Mock Electron's ipcMain, and ipcRenderer

megalodon-rs 64 Updated 1 week ago

Fediverse API client library for Rust

fluentd-sidecar-injector 33 Updated 1 week ago

Webhook server for kubernetes admission webhook to inject fluentd as sidecar


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