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I currently run two blogs:

  • hackeryarn.com: This is a purely technical blog focused on the latest technologies I am into. This blog contains a wide array of topics ranging from general web development advice, to tips about Haskell and Emacs.
  • Daily Reading Notes: This is my daily journal -- or as close to daily as I can -- on the books I read.

I also regularly contribute to open source repositories for anything that I find useful or exciting. You can find my latest work on my Github Profile.

If you got value from any of my work, you can buy me a coffee with a one time donation or contribute to support my efforts.

The milestones I have so far are to build a better experience for my blog readers. I want to keep everything I do ad-free, and respect my readers privacy.

  • $5/week: Start using Commento as the commenting platform on all my blogs. I want to do this so I can have a commenting system that respects the privacy of my readers. There are major privacy issues with all the free systems out there, and I would like to pay for this system for my readers.
  • $10/week: In addition to a comments system, I will enable a mailing list. Again, I want to use a high quality mailing list manager to respect the privacy of my readers and never put ads int he emails. This will let my readers receive emails every time a new post arrives or I have an update to share.

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