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Hi, I'm Chase. I'm trying to write tools that redefine our relationship with code, with an emphasis on metaprogramming and global optimization techniques. Some of these include:

  • astpath - A command-line search utility and library for robustly pattern-matching code on an AST-level, using XPath queries.
  • monkeys - A strongly-typed genetic programming framework meant to make automatic code generation accessible, quick, flexible, and fun.
  • xpyth - A module for querying the DOM tree and generating XPath expressions using native Python comprehension syntax.
  • showast - An IPython/Jupyter notebook plugin for visualizing abstract syntax trees, used in the curriculum at Bryn Mawr college.
  • bellybutton - A fully customizable Python linter that enables project-specific static analysis.

I also occasionally do some educational work through executable Jupyter notebooks and my oft-neglected blog, as well as maintaining a few less-exciting but still useful utility libraries.

My goal is to not only continue maintaining these projects, but to also realize as many new and backlogged tooling ideas as possible, and, furthermore, begin streaming my development for the benefit of others - all of which your patronage would greatly help support.



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bellybutton    24   Updated 3 weeks ago

Custom Python linting through AST expressions

hchasestevens.github.io    642   Updated 2 months ago

A collection of miscellaneous thoughts that aren't on my blog.

monkeys    68   Updated 3 months ago

A strongly-typed genetic programming framework for Python

tracing    29   Updated 4 months ago

Utilities for tracing program execution line-by-line

asttools    0   Updated 6 months ago

minmax    0   Updated 1 year ago

astpath    61   Updated 1 year ago

A command-line search utility for Python ASTs using XPath syntax.

show_ast    36   Updated 2 years ago

An IPython notebook plugin for visualizing ASTs.

hypothesis-protobuf (fork)    0   Updated 4 months ago

Hypothesis extension to allow generating protobuf messages matching a schema.



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