Benjamin Klum

I write free software for professional music production.

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Hi, I'm Benjamin, a software developer located in Germany.

Here's a summary of my previous and ongoing work on free music production software:

  • Back in 2016, I developed my first free software for music production, the REAPER plug-in ReaLearn. It offers a unique approach to interacting with REAPER from hardware controllers: You essentially play the DAW itself as if it would be an instrument. The plug-in was well-received and a community of enthusiastic users found it very useful, asking for improvements.
  • In 2020, I published ReaLearn 2, a major update and complete rewrite, this time as open-source product available on GitHub, introduced in this video. Many more users started using the product and they really like it, so I keep updating it and add loads of new features.
  • Since the beginning of 2022, I additionally work on Playtime 2, a software which takes the idea of playing the DAW even further, by bringing intuitive loop-based music production to REAPER.

Creating, maintaining and improving these products is a tremendous effort. At the moment, I fund this work almost completely myself by using a "50/50 model": I spend roughly 50% of the year doing work for other companies to make a living, and the other 50% working on my own products, which is not profitable so far.

I wish that people can benefit from continuous updates of my products and new ideas. However, the current model doesn't allow me to continuously improve the products. Whenever I work for another company, my own products are "paused", always at the risk of dying prematurely. This is obviously not good for you, the user, and also not good for the products because I wish they can keep growing and benefit more people in a sustainable way. At the moment, I feel like I take the whole world on my shoulders :)

That's why I ask for your help!

I already receive sporadic donations from users and I'm very grateful for this kind of support. It's important to note though, that this is not enough to cover the expenses. This is why I look into recurring donations now.

If you like my products ReaLearn and Playtime and want them to flourish, please consider setting up a recurring donation.

I deeply appreciate your understanding and support. Thank you!

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helgobox Stars 197 Updated 2 weeks ago

Helgobox: ReaLearn & Playtime

helgoboss-learn Stars 6 Updated 2 weeks ago

DAW-agnostic MIDI-learn functionality written in Rust

reaper-rs Stars 78 Updated 2 weeks ago

Rust bindings for the REAPER C++ API

helgoboss-midi Stars 7 Updated 2 years ago

Rust crate for dealing with MIDI messages

realearn-companion Stars 3 Updated 3 years ago

ReaLearn Companion app. Soon to be superceded by the Helgobox App.

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