Matyáš Caras

I make open-source software

hernikplays's goal is to receive $3.00 per week.
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I'm hernik and I publish open-source software, apps and tools on GitHub. I like to work with NodeJS, Java and Flutter/Dart

In order to sustain myself, I made a Liberapay account for people who want to support me.

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opencanteen 6 Updated 2 months ago

[MIRROR] Open-source mobilní aplikace pro přístup do systému iCanteen

canteenlib 3 Updated 5 months ago

Dart knihovna pro stravovací systém iCanteen

KasiopeaJSApi 1 Updated 1 year ago

Unofficial API for kasiopea.matfyz.cz for NodeJS

kaku 4 Updated 1 year ago

Practice kanji writing on your phone's keyboard!


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