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Hi, this is hikari_no_yume.

I try to create or preserve beautiful things, often by using my programming skills. You can get a sense of what I'm interested in by looking at my website.

My main project currently is touchHLE, a high-level emulator for iPhone OS applications. I also have various other smaller projects, some of which you can see on my profile.

I am using Liberapay so that, if you appreciate my work, you can donate to me to help me sustain myself. I am not currently employed and have no other income, so any support really means a lot to me.

(I am also using GitHub Sponsors if you'd prefer that.)

What you get:

  • My eternal gratitude for helping me keep doing this
  • The ability to publicly show that you support me, if you wish

What I get:

  • Less unsustainable finances
  • A greater sense of meaning in my work

Thank you!

P.S. Since I live in Sweden, SEK is my preferred currency, but Euros are fine too. SEK is roughly a decimal order of magnitude less valuable than EUR, USD or GBP, so SEK amounts may have more zeroes than you're used to.

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touchHLE 2250 Updated 1 week ago

High-level emulator for iPhone OS apps. This repo is used for issues, releases and CI. Submit patches at: https://review.gerrithub.io/q/project:hikari-no-yume/touchHLE+status:open

oneko-uxn 13 Updated 5 months ago

oneko-uxn - uxn 猫. port of oneko-sakura to uxn using chibicc-uxn

obj-to-html 31 Updated 1 year ago

A small application to convert a 3D model in .obj format into HTML and CSS

dream-sparer 1 Updated 2 years ago

Simple tool for extracting chunks from RIFX files.

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