Creating low-power hardware, tools and toys aboard a sailboat

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About us

We are Rekka and Devine, we have been sailing around the Pacific Ocean since 2016. Together we work at a small research studio aboard a sailboat called Hundred Rabbits, where we do experiments in resilience and self-reliance using low-tech solutions.

We create esoteric software like Orca, Left, Dotgrid & Ronin. We also have a project about food and nutrition called GrimGrains , as well as many game projects.

The ways in which we spend our time vary wildly from day to day, but we focus on experimental research. Our interests include alternative ways to store power and minimum viable solutions for technological tooling.


We created Hundred Rabbits with the goal of building an audience that could sponsor the creation of high-quality free content, and making it available to those who could otherwise not afford it. We figured that if we made enough to have our basic needs covered, we could gradually dedicate more time onto these passion projects.

Energy usage

We create light-weight tools in an attempt at reducing our broader environmental impact.

All of our tools work offline and operate on low-power devices. We can keep creating content when off-grid, when our power and connectivity is limited.

Design Philosophy

We build software following these rules:


We design our applications using the web technologies to be able to support as many devices as possible.

No drm

We design our tools for the future and will never release them behind any form of DRM(Digital rights management).


We build simple tools running without dependencies designed to tackle specific tasks.


We release free and open-source programs so that they can be studied, inspected and repaired by anyone.


We build for Linux first

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