Isaac Freund

Primary author of river, a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor. Contributor to Zig, wlroots, and more.

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Hello, I'm Isaac and I maintain and contribute to many open source projects:

  • I'm the primary author and maintainer of river, a dynamic tiling Wayland compositor.
  • In support of river, I wrote and maintain zig-wayland and zig-wlroots.
  • I contribute to upstream wlroots and have commit access there as well.
  • I wrote the ext-session-lock-v1 protocol for more secure Wayland screenlocking as well as waylock, a small lockscreen implementing it.
  • I'm a Zig core team member. If you want to support Zig you should first sponsor the Zig Software Foundation!
  • In a past life, I landed several hundred commits in Cataclysm: DDA, though I've left gamedev behind for now.
  • I've contributed assorted bug fixes and features to many other projects. Such is the beauty of open source.

I spend a significant amount of my time writing open source code, and would appreciate your support!

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