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This is @lhc70000, the lead developer of IINA. When I wrote the first line of code for "the missing macOS media player" as an undergraduate student in 2017, I never imagined that IINA could finally become an app with millions of users¹. With more than 30K stars, IINA is honoured to be ranked among the top 5 Swift projects on GitHub.

I'm glad that I decided to make IINA free and open-source. However, IINA requires a small amount of money monthly to keep it alive, which has been paid for by my personal finances in the past years:

  • Apple developer certificate
  • The iina.io domain name
  • Website hosting and mail server

Therefore, we are starting to test GitHub Sponsors as a measure to make the project more sustainable. Depending on how it goes, more donation options/rewards may be available in the future.

Your donation will be managed carefully by the team members. It will be firstly used to cover the necessary expense listed above and, potentially, purchase software and hardware required for testing and development in the future.

We emphasize that IINA will continue to be free and open-source, as promised upon the initial launch. We are working on more bug fixes and feature updates, including the plug-in system in the upcoming 1.4.0 release.

Your contribution in any form will always be greatly appreciated, so please remember to open issues and pull requests when encountered a problem. Thanks a lot for all your support!

¹ We don't track users, so this is just an estimate from the CDN data


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