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tilde (pubnix) admin, open source contributor, fun guy

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I run the tilde community at https://cosmic.voyage, a member of the tildeverse. I also make some fun, open source projects like my RSVP browser extension, stutter, or my crochet patter generator, stitchy. I contribute to other projects where I can with my expertise mostly in web technologies.

I also write and host a podcast about Solarpunk for writers called Solarpunk Prompts.

Any funding coming in to Liberapay will go towards supporting the projects I create and maintain. Thanks!

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stutter Stars 131 Updated 1 year ago

RSVP for browsers

burrow Stars 55 Updated 3 years ago

burrow is a helper for building and managing a gopher hole

cosmic Stars 2 Updated 3 years ago

Cosmic Voyage scripts

dotfiles Stars 36 Updated 4 years ago

My dotfiles

veasing Stars 7 Updated 4 years ago

easing module for v


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