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Open source Rust for embedded and CNC, for everybody

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I fell in love with Rust a few years ago and have been writing open source stuff in my free time ever since. If you can, please consider throwing a few spare coins my way so that I may continue contributing to the community. Every little helps :)

Some of the projects I work on:

  • linuxcnc-hal - A safe, high-level wrapper for writing LinuxCNC HAL components.
  • embedded-graphics - A low-memory, iterator-based graphics library targeting embedded Rust, but usable anywhere.
  • ssd1306 - A Rust driver for the SSD1306 display module
  • ssd1331 - A Rust driver for the SSD1331 display module
  • And others!

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embedded-graphics 248 Updated this week

A no_std graphics library for embedded applications

ssd1306 82 Updated 1 week ago

SSD1306 OLED driver

sh1106 15 Updated 1 week ago

SH1106 driver for use with embedded_hal and (optionally) embedded_graphics

ssd1331 8 Updated 1 week ago

SSD1331 colour OLED display driver for embedded Rust applications using embedded-hal

linuxcnc-hal-rs 2 Updated 1 month ago

Safe and unsafe Rust bindings to the LinuxCNC HAL submodule


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