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Open source advocate, Pythonista and Djangonaut. Federated social web hacker. Extinction Rebel.

Author and maintainer of Socialhome, Social-Relay, Python federation and The-Federation.info.

Any received funding will be used to upkeep various services like https://socialhome.network and https://the-federation.info.

More information and federated web links from my website https://jasonrobinson.me

Find my open source repositories at https://git.feneas.org/jaywink (mirrored to GitHub).

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socialhome 331 Updated this week

A federated social home

federation 103 Updated this week

Python library for abstracting social federation protocols

matrix-alertmanager 48 Updated 2 months ago

A bot to receive Alertmanager webhook events and forward them to chosen rooms.

ansible-dendrite 5 Updated 2 months ago

Deploy a Dendrite Matrix server using Docker.

shcli 5 Updated 3 years ago

Python client for Socialhome

photo-gallery 1 Updated 4 years ago

Drop in page photo gallery web component made with Vue.


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