Converse.js is a free and open source XMPP webchat application

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Converse.js is a chat client, written in JavaScript which runs directly inside your web browser. It is free, open source and uses a standardized chat protocol, called XMPP.

Converse.js can be used as a web application, but it's also designed so that it can be integrated it into your own website.

You can try it out for yourself at https://conversejs.org

A fullscreen version of converse.js is also available and is hosted at https://inverse.chat

Supporting this project directly funds development on converse.js as well as the hosting of free chat accounts at conversejs.org

All sponsors will be shown on the project README.

I'll make educational screencasts in which I show you how to customize and extend converse.js's functionality by writing custom plugins.

Patrons who pay $15 and above can request topics for these screencasts.

Patrons who pay $100 and above will have their name and/or company logo (with a link to your website) on the homepage of converse.js (~12 000 visits per month of which ~6000 are unique).

Additionally you'll have access to all exclusive content created for lower tiers.

Thank you for your support!

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