Converse.js is a free and open source XMPP webchat application

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Converse.js is a chat client, written in JavaScript which runs directly inside your web browser. It is free, open source and uses a standardized chat protocol, called XMPP.

Converse.js can be used as a web application, but it's also designed so that it can be integrated it into your own website.

You can try it out for yourself at

A fullscreen version of converse.js is also available and is hosted at

Supporting this project directly funds development on converse.js as well as the hosting of free chat accounts at

Thank you for your support!

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converse.js    1810   Updated 1 week ago

Web-based XMPP/Jabber chat client written in javascript

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VirtualDOM-aware Backbone View

pluggable.js    74   Updated 1 month ago

Lets you make your JS project pluggable while still keeping sensitive objects and data private through closures.

generator-conversejs    0   Updated 1 month ago

A Converse.js plugin generator

Backbone.Overview    2   Updated 10 months ago

An Overview is a View that contains and keeps track of sub-views. Kind of like what a Collection is to a Model.

strophe.js    0   Updated 3 years ago

A fork of Strophe.js. Don't use this unless you really know that you should :)


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