John Colagioia

I work on various small, quirky projects under Free Licenses

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You might know me from my blog, where I talk about programming, cooking, the culture shown in Star Trek, social media, politics, Free Culture works, and whatever else I feel like talking about. Sometimes, I write short fiction, over there.

Alternatively, you might know me from a variety of software projects, which perform various tasks for me and whoever else finds them useful. I especially have a cluster of projects surrounding the aforementioned blog.

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entropy-arbitrage 1 Updated 1 week ago

John Colagioia's Blog Posts

Bicker 3 Updated 1 week ago

Part e-mail, part forum, part bulletin board, part chat, part blog with comments

boring-css 1 Updated 3 weeks ago

A set of CSS files (for me) to use for prototyping

background-generator 2 Updated 2 months ago

CPREP: A simple web application to provide semi-believable background details for fictional characters

tool-trunk 2 Updated 3 months ago

Tools for (John's) Mastodon workflow

Miniboost 3 Updated 4 months ago

A lightweight note-editor compatible with Boostnote


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