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With your support, I will be able to spend more time designing, building, and maintaining open-source software. Listed below are some of the free software projects and free cultural works I hope to complete.

VOLANO Chat Server

  • Manage contributions to the open-source VOLANO chat server.

  • Switch the build automation from Apache Ant and GNU Make to Gradle.

  • Refactor the VOLANO chat server for the latest Java Development Kit (JDK).

  • Develop a new client for the modern Web to replace the existing Java applets.

  • Publish the VOLANO chat server for Linux as an app in the Snap Store.

  • Create a Web administrator interface for managing the VOLANO chat server.

Electronic Ink

  • Post articles about running Ubuntu and writing cross-platform apps for e-paper.

  • Write a book on programming electronic ink, published under a CC BY-SA license.

  • Create open-source themes in monochrome and grayscale for JavaFX on e-paper.

  • Develop useful open-source apps for e-paper and publish them in the Snap Store.

  • Port the Java Swing framework to e-paper displays for access to native features.

  • Investigate porting Flutter and Qt for Python to devices with e-paper displays.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the bugs I found in JavaFX while adding support for e-paper displays.

  • Solve the problems I found attaching the Javadoc and Sources in NetBeans.

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epd-javafx 8 Updated 4 months ago

Tests the support for e-paper displays in JavaFX 13

openjdk-freetype 3 Updated 10 months ago

OpenJDK FreeType Font Fix for Debian & Ubuntu

volano 2 Updated 1 year ago

VOLANO Chat Server


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