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calibre-kobo-driver 169 Updated 2 weeks ago

An extension of the existing KoboTouch driver provided with Calibre. This plugin allows modifying ePub files to enable extra Kobo features. I am providing code in the repository to you under an open source license. Because this is my personal repository, the license you receive to my code is from me and not my employer.

ansible_playbooks 0 Updated 1 month ago

My Ansible playbooks for setting up my personal systems.

esphome-configs 0 Updated 6 months ago

My configs for various ESPHome (https://esphome.io) projects

tmpl.vim 0 Updated 1 year ago

New file templates for vim/neovim

go-utils 0 Updated 2 years ago

This repository provides a series of Golang utility libraries I find useful. See the README files in each directory for information about that library.


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