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Hi, I'm Joey Hess. I've developed Free Software for two decades now. If you've used Debian (its installer or debhelper, debconf, tasksel, os-prober, debmirror) (or Ubuntu), git-annex, etckeeper, propellor, keysafe, debug-me, ikiwiki, myrepos, moreutils or alien, you've used software I created.

My passion is making Free Software because it seems to be the software that lasts, the software that turns out to matter in the end. It empowers its users to do new things, and these feed back into the software. A virtuous cycle.

circle of people

Here I am in a little school, in the jungle of Brazil, learning how the people in the circle are using git-annex to communicate among isolated communities. The users of my software have taken it places and done things with it I never imagined. (The picture was drawn by Gbara, an ikiwiki user.)

So there are always new ideas bubbling up for improvements to my projects. And I keep thinking up ideas for new projects, too. All this takes a lot of my time and energy. I've been able to focus on my Free Software projects exclusively for years, thanks to funding from a KickStarter, subsequent crowdfunding, Patreon, and institutions that use and support my software.

Please consider supporting my work with a monthly contribution on Liberapay.

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