Jorge Maldonado Ventura

Admin and writer at Freak Spot; translator and free software programmer

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I program and write articles for Freak Spot, a website focused on free software and free culture. Now, I'm translating the Bash Reference Manual into Spanish.

I am also free software programmer. I want to highlight these software projects, but you can find many more in my NotABug profile:

I am a translator too. These are some of my translation projects:

  • Translation of Unknown Horizons into Spanish.
  • Translation of the video game ReTux into Spanish.
  • Translation of the video game Hexoshi into Spanish.
  • Translation of Liberapay into Spanish.
  • Translation of Postmill into Spanish.

I participate and collaborate in the Peers community and help to solve user issues in the forum of the GNU/Linux distribution Trisquel.

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