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Developing custom Android software

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I develop Android custom kernels, ROMs, tools, apps, chatbots, and more. Most of my work is free and open-source on GitHub. By donating, your support will help me keep working on projects for everyone to enjoy freely!

Here are my Android projects intended for end-users:

Tools and projects for other developers:

  • Benchkit Magisk module for empirical, data-driven development
  • Proton Clang cross-compiling toolchain for kernels
  • kramflash: Easy-to-use custom kernel flasher for newer Android devices without reliable TWRP
  • freqbench: Comprehensive CPU frequency & power benchmark
  • fastboot.js library for fastboot flashing from a web browser
  • Touchpaint latency testing apps ( Android and Flutter) and kernel module
  • callbench: Linux and BSD syscall + vDSO benchmarking tool
  • Kbench: Aggregated Linux kernel microbenchmark compilation
  • Base16 theme templates for the kitty and Termux terminal emulators

Non-Android projects:

  • Pyrobud: Clean and practical Telegram selfbot
  • vardbg: Python debugger with program flow visualization

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