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Hi! I'm Kimimaru, a passionate software developer. I have created various free software projects, including the MPL 2.0-licensed Maze Burrow, a Sokoban-inspired puzzle game, and the AGPL 3.0-licensed TRBot, free software for playing games through text. As Free Software, my projects place no limitations on who can use, distribute, study, and modify them.

I have poured hundreds of hours into free software, such as MonoGame, RetroArch, and TRBot. I used TRBot to host my own Twitch Plays streams at twitch.tv/type2play to demonstrate its capabilities and find areas of improvement. Writing code, offering support for users, and addressing issues on repositories takes a considerable amount of my time, which is done on top of a full-time job.

If you found use out of my work or have enjoyed my streams, please consider supporting me with a donation. All donations will go towards my expenses so I can more comfortably develop free software. My goal is to be able to work on free software full-time so everyone can benefit from my work.

Thank you very much!

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