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Software Engineer | Device Reverse Engineering

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I'm a developer interested in reverse engineering off the shelf devices, with an interest in alternative social ecosystems as of late.

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parler-py-api 55 Updated 1 month ago

UNOFFICIAL Python API to interface with Parler.com

gopro-py-api 1296 Updated 2 months ago

Unofficial GoPro API Library for Python - connect to GoPro via WiFi.

goprowifihack 1953 Updated 4 months ago

Unofficial GoPro WiFi API Documentation - HTTP GET requests for commands, status, livestreaming and media query.

gopro-ble-py 81 Updated 7 months ago

Python Bluetooth controller for GoPro cameras with BLE connection

gpauto 18 Updated 2 years ago

./gpauto for HERO4/HERO5 (spirtitual successor to autoexec.ash/override.sh/cal.txt) on stock Firmware

GoProStream 344 Updated 3 years ago

Tools for handling/displaying GoPro HTTP/UDP stream (Python/Ruby)

gopro32 12 Updated 4 years ago

GoPro Anti Lose Guardian device and BLE controller using an ESP32.


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