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Pinephone/Librem 5 MMS & VVM work

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I have been asked about a donation account for my MMS work, so I made this.

I use Stripe for payment processing (that is Liberapay's default), so I need to provide the following info so Stripe's bot can see it:

  • Goods & Services: Although I have been active and see no reason to stop working on MMS & VVM; the money you donote does not imply me continuing work, it is a donation for work I have done. If you for some reason want to pay me to do work, DO NOT DONATE THEN ASK, CONTACT ME FIRST.
  • Please provide currency in the form of United States Dollars (USD)
  • Privacy Policy/Security Policy: Liberapay and Stripe handle your data, so their privacy policy applies. I don't know if I see any of your data, but I am wholely uninterested in it.
  • Refund Policy: If you overpaid my mistake, I do not mind refunding the amount to fix that. Other than that, I probably will not offer refunds for donations (as said above, the donation is for work I have done already).
  • Contact me: Please contact me over Matrix: @kop316:matrix.org

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