ash (from limes.pink)

hey, I'm ash!

limes's goal is to receive €10.00 per week.
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here's some stuff you might know me for:

  • discord-md-badge: a customizable badge that shows your Discord account, a server invite, or a bot account (my Discord badge);
  • microsoftgithub.com: i bought the domain to rick-roll people;
  • limes.pink: just a bunch of stuff, some of it is pretty cool I think.

reaching the goal would cover all server costs, as well as my domain expenses :3

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website Stars 5 Updated 2 weeks ago

My website!

microsoftgithub.com Stars 19 Updated 2 months ago

A website that lets you create official-looking GitHub links that rickroll the visitor.

discord-md-badge Stars 189 Updated 2 months ago

A customizable badge displaying your Discord account, a server invite, or a bot account.

pink-soc (fork) Stars 0 Updated 1 month ago

pink version of glitch-soc, i guess. "powers" mastodon.pretendo.network and fedi.limes.pink


limes joined 2 months ago.

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