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Hi I am a Libre Software and hardware Developer and Advocate, with goals that include focussing on bringing to market ethically-developed and entirely libre desirable mass-market products.

Specifically that includes the development of EOMA68 (and other Standards in the series), products based around them, and the development of an entirely libre RISCV64 commercial (i.e. non-research) mass-volume SoC, with a Libre 3D GPU and a Libre VPU.

I am currently a visitor in the beautiful country of Taiwan, as it is close to Shenzhen which is where the PCB Factory is. We visit Hong Kong every 89 days :) The apartment here in Shenkeng is only USD $400 a month, food is around $600 a month, and PCBs and components take about 3 days to arrive from Shenzhen by SF-Express and do not require customs duty. This is a huge contrast to living in Europe ($EUR 2500), components and PCBs taking 3 weeks to arrive and having huge customs duty and additional delays.

For the Libre RISCV64 SoC there is an exciting opportunity in the form of the Indian Shakti Project, where they have huge funding to meet both local and international markets... as long as the entire hardware and source code may be inspected (including by the Indian Government and Security Services) to ensure that there are no back-door co-processors (such as Intel Management Engines, kindly brought to you by the NSA). This means that libre licensing for the entire hardware and software stack is required, which coincidentally happens to fit with everything we ever dreamed of.

So if you or anyone you know has hardware (ASIC / FPGA) design experience and would like the opportunity to be part of a team working on an entirely libre RISC-V 64-bit 16-core SMP 28 or 20nm SoC, please do get in touch, we will set up a liberapay team account and get it sorted.


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