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I'm the main author of typedload. A python validation library to ensure you are type safe at runtime.

I've also authored relational, a relational algebra workspace meant for students who are learning about it. It has been used by several university and high school teachers around the world.

Perhaps you've used these or other projects I contributed to and feel like donating? Honestly despite the millions of downloads I don't realistically expect donations.

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localslackirc Stars 137 Updated 1 month ago

IRC gateway for slack, running on localhost for one user. The project is now on codeberg.

typedload Stars 255 Updated 2 months ago

Python library to load dynamically typed data into statically typed data structures

relational Stars 91 Updated 2 months ago

Educational tool for relational algebra

weborf Stars 57 Updated 2 months ago

Shares files using the HTTP protocol. Provides CLI and GUI. Allows using webdav.

ultimateultimateguitar Stars 11 Updated 4 months ago

CLI client to ultimate-guitar website

trabucco Stars 5 Updated 9 months ago

Can launch your 90kg applications for 300m (It's a launcher, like katapult, but better).

scurpiddu Stars 4 Updated 9 months ago

Music player based on mpv and Qt

lapdog Stars 16 Updated 9 months ago

Take actions when specific devices appear/disappear from your LAN

vasttrafik-cli Stars 8 Updated 10 months ago

Migrated to codeberg


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