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Lume Web acts as a bridge or gateway between the internet you use, and the evolving web3 internet.

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Lume Web acts as a bridge or gateway between the internet you use, and the evolving web3 internet. It is a secure and private internet owned via its users.

Lume even translates to world. It symbolizes the www we actually want to achieve.

It works on-top of Skynet (Layer 2) and Sia (Layer 1), which are critical components in the future web3 infrastructure.

Lume Web is a 100% FOSS project with no VC's or other types of equity investments, and no large piggy bank. The project is sticking to the ideals of web3, which means it needs your support to exist. For us to own our internet, we must build it, and thus we must fund it.

The current products the project is building are:

  • A web3 browser extension to handle DNS for all web3 domains so you can access web3 is a few clicks, removing the barrier to entry. This does not rely on a single central service and is designed to be decentralized.
  • A universal filesystem library that encrypts the data so you can own your data in an organized way you are used to. This can be ported to any language, and be used in a wide range of web2 and web3 use cases for both end users and businesses.
  • A universal drive for your data using the FS library by integrating with existing systems and platforms.
  • A stable and reliable skynet portal service for the community and to provide a revenue stream for funding to Lume Web. It also provides the launch pad for all Lume Web technologies.


  • Non-bias educational websites hosted on skynet, and built by the community
  • At-least 1 accessibility tool for new users to get around the various web3 networks.
  • Expanding DNS and Filesystem/Drive products as much as possible to other ecosystems with integrations
  • Creating site building tools for the end user
  • Enabling site owners to manage their HNS domains via an EVM chain (eth-like chains)
  • More may come

Please be aware that other forms of donation are accepted as well. See ‚Äčhttps://lumeweb.com/donate/

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