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salsa    0   Updated 3 months ago

Strange Animals Liking Strange Audio

writing    0   Updated 3 months ago

Jekyll site for    0   Updated 3 months ago

Writing portfolio site

prose-wc    0   Updated 3 months ago

Jekyll-aware prose wordcount utility.

latex-book-template    0   Updated 3 months ago

A template for generating a book in LaTeX    0   Updated 4 months ago

Anthologies in the furry fandom

latex-book-tutorial    0   Updated 4 months ago

A tutorial for building a printable book in LaTeX

shorturl    0   Updated 4 months ago

A Flask site for a short URL tool    0   Updated 4 months ago

Jekyll site for

tinysigil    0   Updated 4 months ago    0   Updated 5 months ago

A snarky bingo card generator    12   Updated 5 months ago

Graphing polyamorous relationships with force directed layouts.    0   Updated 5 months ago

The webpage for HYBRID Ink

mealtime    0   Updated 6 months ago

MEALTIME WITH MADDY    0   Updated 7 months ago

A bit of audio.

sounds    0   Updated 7 months ago

Music, recordings, and sounds by Madison Scott-Clary    0   Updated 7 months ago

Yarrr, 'Tis The Writing Life Fur Me    0   Updated 10 months ago

Furry Writing Knowledge Base

fwl-theme    0   Updated 10 months ago

Furry Writing Life theme    0   Updated 1 year ago

Documents, half-projects, and single-page sites that don't fit elsewhere.



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