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I have #PASSION, and sometimes a little too much of it. To the extent that I make myself sick. In a way to 'curb my enthusiasm', I'm looking for alternative means of keeping myself alive, rather than a typical 9-5 job. In 2016 I was on sick-leave for a year, due to exhaustion. Crazy? Yes. But I am healthier now.

Current activities:

  • semi-Regular twitch streams.

  • Tiny videos with help of my phone, and clips from streams with Story Time (when they occur) uploaded to my YouTube vlog.

  • Over-engaged enthusiast, former Project Manager, at mastodon. Wrote a thing, a while back. You can find me officially at [at]maloki[at] . I overworked myself, and had to resign my official duties.

I'm a jack of all trades, and my interests shift and fluctuate a lot. However, gaming, food, books and social justice seems to be a reoccurring theme for me.

This upcoming year, I do have a resolution to myself. Even if I love games and books, I wont be buying any new ones. Read more about it here.

Through this support you will help me help myself, and in the long run help others.

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