I am a strong independant disabled woman

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I'm a strong independent disabled woman. And unfortunately I am not in a situation where I can work much. The minimal work I'm doing and being paid for by Tusky and GoToSocial is a blessing, and it's just about covering my basic needs.

You support me at whatever increments or time periods that fit you. €10 once a year? $10 once every 12 weeks? Etc etc. That's what's so great here.

I have set up my Stripe account, which is my preferred way to receive money from here, to send it to my Swedish account once a month in time to pay my student loan. That's where most of this support goes.

Hopefully this can put a dent in the debt collection, and I'll be keeping any excess money from donations in a separate account so I can keep paying it over the long term. So if you can only help me today, or only next month or any possible way, it doesn't matter, because the money will accumulate with the help of the many. Any little thing will make a huge difference. I would be so thankful for any help you can give, including spreading the word!

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