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Hi, I'm Martin and I volunteer in my free time for Foodsharing, where I'm active as a maintainer and software developer.

On this page you can find out more about my role at foodsharing and have the opportunity to support my work by making a voluntary donation. (Alternatively, this can also be done via PayPal) In addition, you can help me enjoy a favourite drink every now and then during my development work - I would really appreciate it. 😀🧉

My role and tasks at Foodsharing

Besides my programming work, which focuses on updating and maintaining our software architecture as well as developing new features as well as improving existing ones, I invest a significant amount of my free time in software development at Foodsharing. In doing so, I actively engage in code reviews to ensure code quality and reduce bugs or technical debt upfront. Additionally, I am continuously working on organising and optimising our work processes to encourage more developers to contribute to Foodsharing in the future.

In addition, I provide advice and support to other foodsharing developers to solve problems/tasks together and share knowledge within the team. Another important aspect of my work is to deal with technical debts of the past to ensure that the development environment runs more smoothly and enjoyably. This allows more people to enjoy working on foodsharing and work together on our mission to reduce food waste.

In this way, I contribute to continuously improving the foodsharing platforms and enabling the foodsharing community to work together more effectively, step by step.

Worth mentioning, visible achievements - I have worked on these, among others.

In progress: Manage achievements, qualifications, hygiene certificates

Together with a focus group, I am working on the possibility of managing achievements/qualifications/hygiene certificates via foodsharing. I am doing the technical planning, conception and responsibility.

Feature toggles - version 1

In order to gradually replace larger features with new developments, I am currently developing a functionality that activates and deactivates areas of Foodsharing at the push of a button. This will allow new features to be developed step by step and releases to happen more frequently if necessary. In the future, these could also be de- and activated automatically, for example if you are a beta tester and want to test a new functionality.

Display of unsubscribed food savers of the last 7 days for operation managers

Persons responsible for operations can trace the unsubscribing from slots of food savers in the last 7 days. It is also shown whether the person was removed by an operations manager or whether the person signed out on their own.

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