Matt Cengia

A Linux systems administrator and software developer with diverse interests

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I'm Matt (they/them), a Linux systems administrator and software developer with diverse interests.

I also:

  • use free/open-source (FOSS) cartography software and data to create topographical maps
  • volunteer with youth and works behind the scenes to facilitate scouting events
  • facilitate FOSS-related meetups, non-monogamy discussion groups, and workshops
  • present at FOSS conferences on topics such as codes of conduct and diversity & inclusion

I'm most productive on the things that I'm passionate about, and I switch projects and tasks frequently as my interests shift. These projects usually benefit others, but that benefit isn't always immediately obvious to clients and employers, and many of the organisations I work with don't have the means to pay a living wage. I'm seeking donations to fund more time doing this work without creating a direct correlation between income and outcome.

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