Hi! I'm creating content with PHP, or C#.

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Hi. I am system administrator from Slovakia. But I'm interested with programming.

Mostly I'm creating content with PHP, or C#. I started to experiment with PHP at high school and have some vacation from it at University where we using Delphi/Java but i returned to it when i finished school. My first framework was CakePHP 🎂 and i like using it. I also created few plugins for it.

So, I doing this at my free time but want to help users to make it easier to develop their new or existing projects. Why I'm joining to sponsorship? I primary creating open-source because i like programming ❤ i like to create things and is good to see someone appreciate your work, and yes the more sponsors i find the more time i can spend with open-source projects.

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cake-notify 0 Updated 1 week ago

Notification system made with CakePHP

MayMeow.Cryptography 12 Updated 1 week ago

🔐 Cryptography library for .NET

php-encrypt 5 Updated 1 month ago

🔏PHP library for creating and signing Certificates, text encryption and decryption.


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