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I'm a punk DIY media activist and maintain a website at www.mediaactivist.com citing the reasons why establishment (both corporate and state) media have acted purely in the interests of the capitalist status quo and arguing that what's needed is anti-establishment media by and for the people. I try to aggregate a conduit of anti-establishment media online. In addition, I'm trying to help create a UK version of France's Mutu Network of radical community media.

I write as The Left Fist on Medium and host The Left Fist podcast on pro wrestling from a pro-union, leftist angle. These have their own home at leftfist.mediaactivist.com.

It costs to host my websites and to increase the quality of my work with better hardware and software - and I'm registered self-employed, so taking time to do these things can be costly too! I'm also a carer for my partner, who has LongCOVID, so it's tough to juggle everything while trying to bring in money.

Thanks in advance for any support, both large and small, regular or one-off!

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