it/its. A mad, fat, otherkin,disabled,Black enby. Just wants to exist to vibe.

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Who am I?

I'm Melanie. I'm in my early 30's, I really don't do much nowadays, I used to do art and dabbled in doing videos for a short time. Now I just post about life things and current video games that I play. I think that's ok for now.

Why Contribute?

It's been really hard trying to find work in rural VA. I've applied to many places and none of them don't want to hire a Fat Black Disabled Queer, my family refuses to help, my mental health is absolutely horrible, and it's been a rough couple of years. Donations have kept me fed, clothed and made sure that I could get medication, new glasses and everything really, lol.

I've been doing this since 2016, mutual aid has been a fantastic thing for me as I try to slowly better myself and hopefully move out of a very emotionally abusive household. I'm forever grateful.

Didn't you do art?

Yes. but sadly I haven't been able to do any art for the past couple of years. I tried doing videos but after I lost my computer twice, I didn't want to risk losing it again and I have lost motivation to do that and art. I hope once I'm in a better and healthier headspace and home environment, I will try to do arts and videos again.

Monthly Bills

Here is a breakdown of all my current bills by due date. (USD)

Phone: ~$45/mo Life insurance: $7/mo Dental Insurance: $29/mo Internet: ~$60.51/mo Meds: $60 /per 3 months Simple Health: $20 annually. Food(depends): $~150/mo (i try to take 2 shopping trips per month)

between $141.51-311.51 total

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