Michal Hoftich

Librarian from Prague, Czechia. Developer of TeX4ht and several other LaTeX packages.

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I am a developer of several LaTeX packages:

  • TeX4ht - converts LaTeX to HTML and several other document formats
  • make4ht - build system for TeX4ht
  • tex4ebook - converts LaTeX to e-book formats
  • LuaXML - XML parser for LuaTeX

I have a lot of other projects, see my Github profile. My web is available at Kodymirus.cz.

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tex4ebook 266 Updated this week

Converter from LaTeX to ebook formats (epub, mobi). Using tex4ht and texlua scripts.

make4ht 113 Updated 2 weeks ago

Build system for tex4ht

odsfile 14 Updated 2 weeks ago

LaTeX package for reading opendocument spreadsheet files.

luavlna 7 Updated 1 month ago

Small library for plain luatex for preventing single

tex4ht-doc 12 Updated 2 months ago

New tex4ht documentation

lua-uca 3 Updated 2 months ago

Implementation of the Unicode Collation Algorithm for Lua

rdfref 13 Updated 2 months ago

Cross-referencing system for LaTeX, inspired with RDF

LuaXML 14 Updated 2 months ago

Fork of LuaXML (originally Paul Chakravarti)

responsive-latex 0 Updated 2 months ago

Change font sizes and other typographic details in LaTeX documents depending on the page dimensions

linebreaker 15 Updated 3 months ago

Some excersises with luatex's line breaking callback

vim-zettel 524 Updated 6 months ago

VimWiki addon for managing notes according to Zettelkasten method

dvisvgm4ht 10 Updated 6 months ago

TikZ driver for tex4ht which uses dvisvgm for the SVG production

biblatex-iso690 89 Updated 8 months ago

ISO 690 style for biblatex.

vimwiki-sync 92 Updated 9 months ago

Automaticaly synchronize vimwiki at startup and exit using git

make4ht-action 5 Updated 9 months ago

Github Action for TeX to XML conversion using make4ht

testblog 1 Updated 1 year ago

Testing my blogging setup

cooklang-lua 1 Updated 2 years ago

Lua parser and LuaLaTeX package for Cooklang

mjcli 1 Updated 2 years ago

Convert MathML or LaTeX math in HTML pages to plain HTML

uninormalize 2 Updated 2 years ago

LuaLaTeX module for unicode normalization of input tex

luaxml-mathml 0 Updated 3 years ago

LuaLaTeX library for MathML parsing


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