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I'm fortunate to be recovering from mental illness in a time where some societies are beginning to turn toward people like me and experiences like mine. I'm looking to be a part of that growth process by sharing what I know. I've enjoyed social media since before the web existed in its present form - think 80x25 green text - and I believe the best uses of it bring people together and increase mutual understanding.

As part of my recovery, I follow mental health and pharmacology research with a focus on bipolar disorders, depression, and ADHD. I've received Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), a fairly state of the art intensive outpatient therapy program that shows a lot of promise for a wide array of mental health issues. I've also recently begun a Zen meditation practice which has included visits to a nearby monastery. I aim to keep readers fed with the best ideas from all of these disparate sources, and to do so in a way that's easily accessible.

My online home is currently on Mastodon, but I am working on a blog that will cover many aspects of bipolar disorders and ADHD, with a particular focus on emerging research, genetics, pharmacology, pharmacogenomics (a thing that exists now!), and lived experience.

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